Recipe Monday: BCB Sandwich

BCB: The Bacon Chicken Biscuit sandwich; something my sister and I whipped up after spending our morning running errands and coming home starving for a perfect mixed meal. Protein, carbs, and greens.

What you’ll need:

Pillsbury grands biscuits

Lettuce leaves

Gardein fried “chicken”

Morning Star “bacon”

To prep, cook the biscuits following the directions on the can. Heat your chicken and bacon in the oven or toaster oven, as directed on the box.

Nothing takes more than 15 minutes (the bacon is the shortest at just under 2mins cook time). Take your warm biscuits, cut in half, and layer the lettuce in. I also added some Jack Daniels Honey Dijon mustard, which I highly recommend on ANY sandwich; SO GOOD.

Layer in your “meats” and voila. Delicious, hearty, simple lunch. Everyone who watches me eat is always astounded by how much the fake meat looks and tastes real; I’m so happy that in my 13 years as a vegetarian, the options and overall quality of food has grown so much!

Hope this has inspired you!

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3 responses to “Recipe Monday: BCB Sandwich

  1. you just made me hungry! looks so easy and delish xo

  2. haha i love the “bacon” and “chicken” … is it healthy for you? Its really good that theres better options for vegetarians these days :D

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