Baby You’re Like Lightning In A Bottle

originally published August 10, 2015

I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck by your electric love
Baby, your electric loveLightning in a Bottle

I’ve done it. I’ve hopped on the off-the-shoulder trend. Coupled with the pom pom trend this look is a summer favorite. I feel like I belong South of the Border in a ray of never ending sunshine and pool side sheens. Alas, I’m stuck in what feels like a never ending pool of gray and rainstorms. Thank God for weekend adventures though, amiright!?

lightning in a bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

white off the shoulder dress (get it here!)

Forever21 Tribal Pom Necklace (get it here!)

BCBGeneration sandals (old) (similar here)

non-descript sunglasses (similar here)

Lightning in a Bottle

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Monthly Musings Vol. 1


Alright Y’all, it’s time. Many bloggers have been doing weekly link ups to start their Friday’s off. That’s fun and all, and I absolutely LOVE reading them! They’re always full of light and inspiring reads I may not have initially found. I’ve always been a list-er. I make to-do lists, curate lists of my favorite places for people to see in new cities, and ever since we’ve started dating I’ve been making fun little email lists for my beau to read.

Now, I want to share some with you (since sometimes my guy is not the most appreciative of these aesthetically envy-inducing shares). So welcome to a new *monthly* feature of monthly musings from around the internet! I hope you enjoy, and find some great things along the way!

  1. The above bar? It’s from Viviane Beverly Hills and as soon as I saw it I was like “but baaabe, why can’t we have marble walls AND countertops in our home??!” Someday, my walls, someday….
  2. I know I’m personally really lucky to have my own walk in closet at home, but Chiara Ferragni’s “bursting at the seams” wardrobe is just ENVY
  3. I just discovered Sugar & Cloth and it is everything my home and life wants to be. #blogcrush
  4. Note To Self: Cultivate more good habits
  5. I think I need to commission a few of these and get some good art of my fur babies!
  6. Anti-Aging Gin? I mean, COME ON. Sign me up!
  7. Dear Travel Bucket List; you’ve just gotten longer.

wishlisting: This yoga mat would be a perfect statement for my Saturday Morning sesh.

Hope you all have a great May!

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Fashion for Paws

If you know me in real life you know I love animals. Sometimes more than people. I love puppies and am always stopping to pet a dog on the sidewalk. When I’m PMSing I spend my time on The Dodo reading sob stories and basically throwing my money at humane society’s halfway across the world. But when I have the option to help the animals in my own city you best believe I’m jumping at that opportunity.

Nearly two years ago we adopted our dog Butch from the Humane Society, and are always donating and finding ways to help them. When they announced their annual Fashion for Paws runway show and gala I knew it was the perfect marriage of my two loves. I donned a gown from Rent The Runway and my handsome arm candy and I made our way to the party!

Cynthia Vincent dress via Rent The Runway (rent it here)
H&M holographic clutch (similar)

I had such a blast and the whole time I kept thinking how much fun it would be to walk the runway one year with my Washington Humane Society rescue pup! I’m thinking maybe next year. Want to do your part? Click here to donate to the Washington Humane Society and help animals like Butch with the opportunity to find loving homes!

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I Feel Like I’m Following My Heart Again

Between work and this nice weather hounding my social life with Happy Hours and brunch dates life has been non-stop go. I love it; I live for being consistently busy, always ready for the next way to soak up the sun and this wonderful life. I’m fully inspired by the weather to branch out and try fun outfits like this one.

Ami Clubwear Jumpsuit (get it here)(similar here)
J.Crew Tee
Zara Mules (similar here)
WhoWhatWear x Target Skinny Scarf (similar here)
Linell Ellis clutch (get it here)

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather yourselves!

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Hiking Around DC

You might not know it, but I can be an outdoorsy gal. I grew up as a serious Girl Scout, even going so far as camping in a blizzard of 2003. Though, to be fair, after that incident and the subsequent minimal frostbite I was a tad wary of cold temperatures from there on out.

Anyway, this city girl has always loved a good hike. Upon moving to DC my man showed me some great trails and exploring around the area. Now, it’s my turn to share with you my favorites, in order of difficulty.

best places in washington dc

Theodore Roosevelt Island: Difficulty level 1

This island, located on the Potomac River between Georgetown and Virginia, is an easy 15 minute drive from most parts of the city. The whole trail can take about an hour or so as you walk around the perimeter (or through the middle!) of the island. Much of the trail is a wide dirt road which then lends way to boards across the bog-y land. It’s a great walk to bring a dog on too!

Great Falls, Virginia: Difficulty level 2

The Virginia side of the Great Falls on the Potomac River is the easier side to traverse. Following trails you’ll walk along well kept paths of rocks overlooking the river and falls. Easy enough to bring kids and pets on, this trip can take you about 3 hours. They even have grassy spots with picnic tables along the way to make a day of it!

best places in washington dc

Great Falls, Maryland: Difficulty level 5

Across the river you can hike the Maryland side of Great Falls. Significantly more difficult this trail doesn’t allow pets and for good reason. Parts of this hike involves scaling almost 90 degree cliffs, but the views of the Potomac are almost breath taking. The real kicker? The Maryland side has access to the water which means summer swimming!

Old Rag, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: Difficulty Level 7

For years Z dissuaded me from this trail. He’d go with this guy friends claiming it was too hard for his dainty city girlfriend. Over a couple of years, though, I was able to convince him of my durability. While it’s an arduous hike you can’t beat the sprawling views.


Now that you’ve got some suggestions I hope you’re inspired to get outside this weekend! And be sure to stay tuned as I’ll update this list periodically as I find more great hikes close to The District!

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Give a Little Edge

Living in DC I’m obviously influenced by the styles here; the preppy meets conservative professionalism. I’ve accepted the inherent change, but have also been adamant to keep my edge in life and the workplace.

When a friend invited me to shop with her at Kendra Scott I was nervous but excited. KS seemed like the quintessential “preppy” jewelry brand, full of cut stones on gold chains. It is, but it’s so much more. Kendra Scott definitely has something for every style, and if you don’t see something you like on the floor you can always customize with the in-house color bar.

After falling in love with this edgy collar piece I knew I’d found a brand I love.

Kendra Scott “Tristan”necklace (get it here)
Kendra Scott Color Bar custom ring
Rory Beca blazer (similar here)
All Saints dress (get it here)

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Best Friends

Friends come and go, but best friends are forever.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about friendship, especially in adulthood. I’ve always been a very observant and realistic person; I didn’t create those ubiquitous high school friendships.These people, we’d just be friends because of a shared generic class and minimal commonalities. I was of the mind that after school was over I’d be leaving and these people wouldn’t be there with me, so why try too hard, ya know? They were great friends at the time, but not my lifelong besties. Sad but true.

After high school, though, I started embracing friendships. Living in New York City and visiting “back home” opened me up to so many people, and without the constraints of distance and shared classes I was able to make friends based on genuine interests. I met T at a concert and after party where we relished in our vegetarianism and animal activism. We both enjoyed bold colored hair (I believe mine at the time was green) and big city living. T moved to LA, where I’d visit from time to time, and she’d come see me in NYC, stopping by on one of her tours. We weren’t always super close, and we’d sometimes go a few months without talking or texting. But the best part about best friends is that that’s okay! Anytime we’d start talking again we’d pick right back up, the same upbeat chatting as always.

She came to visit this past weekend and it was so great to girl out! We noshed on vegan snacks, got in some good shopping and of course, gabbing and playing with my pets in my room.

What are your favorite things to do with your best friends?

sweater c/o Ami Clubwear (get it here)
bronze friendship bracelet c/o Uncommon Goods (get it here)
T’s friendship watch c/o Sara Designs NYC (get it here)

shop more picks for you and your bestie here:

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Charleston Photo Diary

Our anniversary generally results in a fun, lengthy vaca outside of the country (last year, the year before ). With this year being all about exploring our own backyard (the United States) we decided to do a long weekend somewhere close.

Z has always had an affinity for Charleston and it’s quintessential southern charm. Dreaming of seersucker suits and bowites with some low country eats we booked our trip to the Capital of the South and headed on down.

We drank at Prohibition, ate dinner at Husk (which was formerly the #1 restaurant in the country), shopped along King Street, ate the best meal ever at Magnolias (seriously, the best veggie bowl I’ve ever had), relaxed in Battery Park and along the Waterfront Park. We encountered about 60 bachelor, bachelorette, and wedding parties. We popped into The Spectator Hotel embracing the chic, relaxing ambiance. An afternoon snack and drink at The Roof showed us the best view of the city. We brunched at Macintosh’s and enjoyed their bottomless mimosas.

We didn’t make it to Magnolia Plantation, or any of the outer islands, giving us plenty to do for our next trip there.

What do you think of my trip? Have you been to Charleston and have any other suggestions!?

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J Crew trousers (get them on sale here)
Public Desire booties (get them here!)(similar here)
GAP shirt (similar here)

The lucite block heel and a skin tight patent boot of the ubiquitous “perspex bootie” is fastly on the rise. After first being shown on the Dior runway for Fall 2015 these shoes are finally making it mainstream with celebs like Kim K and Kylie Jenner donning them. Now they’re making their way into the blogosphere via fast fashion dupes.

When I found this pair by Public Desire I KNEW I had to have them. They arrived and I was in love, but also perplexed. How can I style these? How do not look like night walk in the day?

I decided they’re such a statement they need something minimal and almost conservative to go with them. And that I CAN make them work appropriate. Next time though I’m going bold and baring.

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Space Cadet

I was 11; I took solace in dreaming of the great unknown expanse that was “space”. My bedroom’s floral yellow wallpaper came crumbling down at the hands of my adolescent fingers, replaced by creamy blue paint. ‘Round the ceiling fan I went, painting a ying yang, dividing my ceiling between light and dark. On the dark side I painted stars in their correct constellations adding glow in the dark paint to give my room the perfect outdoor ambiance.

I’m in my 20s now and I still read the NASA blogs weekly (my favorite being anything about the Hubble Telescope). I listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcasts about ‘Star Talk’. Every trip to a quiet town outside the city means my Celestron telescope is packed. Our favorite Smithsonian museum is the National Air and Space Museum where I can touch a moon rock and take a simulation ride through space. I’m still a little space science nerd deep down, and always will be.

J.Crew blazer (old) (similar here)
Slow Factory scarf (shop here)
Shooting Star Meteorite bracelet c/o Uncommon Goods (get it here)

Check out more cool UncommonGoods picks here:

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