Rent The Runway

I think I just made the greatest discovery in the fashion world… You all remember Jennifer Hudson’s character in Sex and The City renting bags, right? Well, not only do they have a real bag renting website, which I’m sure you are all aware of, but now there is a dress rental website, freshly started and supported by Rachel Zoe.

I know I’m excited. I have a black tie affair to attend in early April and am having the hardest time finding a dress to use for the night that fits my criteria (floor length, black, shows my back). But this website, has just saved my life.  You have to sign up, it’s easy, takes two minutes, and then you can browse. The website is set up for easy browsing; you can search for your dress by occasion, style, color, designer, and price. Occasions range from prom, black tie affair, date night, Girls Night Out, Day dresses, spring break, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, holiday, cruise; really, any occasion you can think of. Designers include all your favorite high end designers. Alice & Olivia, Diane Von Furstenberg, Proenza Schouler, Tracy Reese, Herve Leger, and many more are included on this list. The website includes a blog, as well, showcasing what your favorite celebrities have recently worn and how to wear certain dresses to “make your ex jealous” or for some other non conventional occasion.

New arrivals come in every week, and when you order you can even choose your size, a second size in case they don’t have it at the time, and the date you want your dress to arrive. Rental prices range from $50-$200 and they even provide you with free shipping, postage, and dry cleaning! Really, what could be better?  So go sign up and enjoy cheap dresses for your special night out without worrying about your bank account.


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