Bring on The Stunna Shades

Sure, its still raining out, but I’m SO ready for sun, especially with the release of 12 new designs by A-Morir. Designer Kerin.Rose brings you the choicest shades to stand out in style. Top clients include the infamous Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Estelle, and Katy Perry. These stunning shades and frames were also recently used on the Fall/Winter 10 runway show for Christian Siriano. All A-Morir shades are totally unique and so skillfully crafted; no one yet has even attempted to reproduce them. The brand, the inspiration, the repertoire are all spectacular.

(immage from Status Magazine, Issue 10)

Kerin.Rose seems to be inspired by Past pop/rock idols as well as particular style era’s. The newest products include a pair of Iggy pop inspired frames beaded in black as well as Janis Joplin inspired oversized shades and Petula Clark inspired funky framed shades.
My favorites, though, are the A-Morir classics. “Barracuda” shades are some hip hop favorites, made of black studs with a car tint effect; people can’t see you through the shades, but you can see them. Second favorites are the Sioux Lace Eyewear. I’m a big fan of lace for the upcoming season and what better way than rocking out and blocking out (the sun)!
Customer and consumer favorites appear to be the many variety of Love/Hate convertible sunglasses. These shades have a chain (or diamonds or pearls or neon chain…etc) that can be worn a multitude of ways. Each style is encrusted with beads for added flair.
As for price, these fashionable sun blockers are pretty high (when compared to the $10 Kanye wanna-be’s you can find on the street). Prices range from $150 up to $600. But you’re paying for originality and a total statement piece, so in my opinion, its worth the splurge.

Where to buy? Also, I suggest following A-Morir on Twitter (@Kerinrose).

Now, bring on the sun and shades; let spring reign!

3 responses to “Bring on The Stunna Shades

  1. Okay so my number one favorites are are heartshaped pink diamond encrysted shades! They are my must have for the season! Since spring/summer is my favorite time of the year and im just getting out of my seasonal depression these shades would bring great joy to my life! I also wouldnt mind spending a “pretty penny” on the love/hate convertibles!

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