Bringing Sexy Back

Yigal Azrouel dresses as seen on

Backless shirts and dresses have been popping up everywhere, a trend that I’ve been waiting for to explode.
I LOVE my back; its one of my few features that I love to show off and think it can be done so tastefully by anyone. 2 years ago I bought my first open backed shirts; a crocheted back solid off the shoulder top from Forever 21; I was so in love I bought it in black, gray, and mustard. When shpping for dresses for this upcoming spring, I’m finding it easier to find dresses that allow me to showcase this area of skin tastefully.

I’m seeing backless and semi-backless tops and dresses everywhere. American Apparel makes backless everything; dresses, tops, leotards, all in a number of styles from tank to long sleeve. These cost about $40-$80, but if you’re lucky and happen to hit up an AA rummage sale, you can find these dresses for $12 a pop, just like I did!

open back dresses from American Apparel online store

Another backless trend I’m seeing is the DIY cut up back. I first noticed this trend being done by a number of emerging fashionistas on Now, this post is going to be media heavy, but there’s jsut so many cute options!

image from

I decided to create my own looks as well, inspired by the ones seen on the collective fashion website:

Now, before you say “ohemgee Sahra copied!” try to remember that there is no such thing as complete authenticity (look up Jean Paul Sartre if you’re unsure).  if you’re not feeling creative or don’t have the time or energy, forever 21 and TopShop have pre-made ripped tanks for purchase from $12.50-$55.

as seen on

Dresses, shirts, and tanks can all be worn in various open backed styles, from classy to grunge-trashy. If you plan to DIY, bring some flavor and add some elements of personal style!
Now, go show some skin and bring that sexy BACK!

One response to “Bringing Sexy Back

  1. the black skull-back top is awesome. i want one. i like your version of it. creative DIY!

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