Flowers in Bloom

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Every spring it’s the same thing; florals and flowers being reinvented and worn by everyone. This year, though, I’m actually wearing flowers too.

Woah, what? Yea, you’re favorite tattooed and pierced quasi-fashionista is wearing FLOWERS. My mommy would be so proud. These pretty dresses and skirts have been gracing the runways and pale spring bodies for years, probably since the emergence of the 1960’s “Flower Power” movement. I don’t think a spring has gone by without floral dresses and this year is little different. One big thing I’ve seen, as aforementioned, is floral tights and leggings.

I used to done a simple black skirt or short and a dark colored tank or tee. Since opening my mind to other style s of dress I’ve learned how to make anything my own. So, this yea I’m giving this syle staple a try and punking it out! My looks:

This is one trend you can afford to be a cheapskate on. Every store and their mother is carrying florals, from TopShop to Target. Er go, there’s no shortage of finds. My first two looks feature a Target skirt for $10 and a Target dress for $20. The third picture is an adorably comfortable dress from American Eagle for $40. Forever 21 has a vast collection of floral wear from lounge-y to casual to semi-formal.  These prices are general Forever prices, from $12.50-$24.80. TopShop carries a few that allow you to cross-trend, including a caged-back floral mini that clings to your body for a seemingly slimming effect for a wonderful $49. H&M may be slightly lacking in the dress and skirt area, but they carry floral pants ($30), tights ($15), and cardigans ($20).

If you feel like blowing some cash and splurging, Thakoon has a B-E-A-Utiful floral dress for $1,638 available at your local Bergdorf’s or Neiman’s.

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I could go on and on about florals, really, but I won’t…only because my spring break is about to start as soon as I get off this bus! But go shopping, find some cheap flowers, and go enjoy the sunshine we’ve been blessed with!

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