Animal Collective

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From Forever 21 to Swarovski, jungle animals have been taking over our necklines, wrists, and fingers. Slowly but surely more animal pendants have been making their way onto celebrities and all other fashinistas.

I first noticed this trend as it began to take over Forever 21’s jewelry department with sparrows, owl’s, and other winged creatures. Lately, though, more jungle animals have been showing up, like elephants, turtles, and giraffes. Prices on these are dirt cheap and range from $4.80 to $14.90.

Another fabulous place to find animal inspired jewelry is the online retailer ModCloth.  ModClothdotCom features a variety of stunning animal inspired jewelry from sea creatures to ornate jungle animals.  My favorite is their seemingly iconic Octopus necklace, which one of my good friends Corianne has had for a long time. this beautiful necklace is only $14.99 but sadly, you have to wait for it to be shipped right to your door. Another beautiful and unique choice would be the feathers for all weathers necklace showing off a peacock at $17.99.   

If  you’d like to add a little zest to your animals, I suggest JC Penney for some semi-precious jeweled animals. These prices range from $50-$200 for be jeweled elephants and snakes. Swarovski, ofcourse, is perfect for crystal and diamond encrusted animals. Here, you can find almost any animal you want…my mum once found me a miniature crystal hedgehog!

Animal bracelets, specifically elephants, are an easy find on the streets as well. Just last fall I bought an elephant cuff on St. Mark’s Place in NYC for a mere $7.

Really, with the way these accesories are taking over the world, you can find them anywhere, at almost any price. They are a great statement piece to own and add flair to any simple outfit. buy it, rock it, and have fun with it!

3 responses to “Animal Collective

  1. Hi Effortless Cool,
    Thanks for the mention about us! And have no fear, our shipping department works extra hard to get the items you ordered to you ASAP!
    ❤ Aire

  2. Love thee bracelets but im not quite sure how to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Maybe in a rudeboy/rihanna kinda way? Hmmm I definately have to brainstorm this one!

  3. love the cuff you show in the pic of you and it’s really cool you illustrate your posts with pics of you wearing the trend/look you describe in the blog post. nice job!

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