Booted and Wedged

Sure, stilettos are sexy, they make your ass look great, they make the boys go nuts. But, they’re NOT comfy, especially when you go dancing for 6 hours. Wedges, however are comfortable. Wedged booties are a cute way to add height and fashion without sacrificing your comfort.

Acne Atacoma Wedges

There are only a select few options for designer for a bootie style black wedge. First, the completely orgasmic lust worthy Acne Atacoma wedges. At $570 these wedges, the loves of my life, are gorgeous. The Atacoma wedges were ade famous by being worn by Brit Style Icon Alexa Chung. While available in black with a black, brown, or silver metal platform, these booties are also available in gray and silver, and all over white or pale blue. 

Another lustworthy designer of fantastic black yet unique wedges is Sam Edelman. His $300 black wedge offers a bit of a bondage feel with straps and buckles, as well as a flattened toe.

On a more budget friendly note, Jeffrey Campbell brings similar designs at a fairer price to the fashionable masses. He has a wide range of all styles, from short booties to peep toe ones, as well as ones with the platform studded. These shoes run from $109 to $256, dependant on what style, where you buy em, and when you buy em. I found a pair of the fabulous short black booties on sale for $100, but when I went back to purchase them they were gone! So, I’m personally still on the hunt for my fabulous pair. Also completely lust worthy are his animal printed wedges. I LOVE the leopard and zebra ones, though I am not a fan of the snake skins.

Jeffrey Campbell Orgasms

You don’t get much cheaper and chic-er than $100 per pair of beautiful shoes.

Now, where to find all these and similar styles? Well, for all my fabulous New Yorkers, Jeffrey Campbell can be found at select David Z. Stores (the one near TopShop carries them!)  Also, there is an ACNE store at 10 Greene St in Soho. For my non-NY-ers and my lazy shoppers, I suggest and typing “wedges” into the search box. This amazing fashion website lists prices, places to buy, and images of ways to wear them.

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