Style Bright, Smile Bright

Fashion and style isn’t always about clothes and accessories. Sometimes, they say, you’re best accessory is your smile. I’ve always strived for a whiter and brighter smile. I’ve tried a number of products and am here to share what works best and what’s best for your pocket.

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First, I’d like to say how much I adore my friend Colleen’s bright white smile. She is a model and actress and uses Crest Premium Whitening Trays. To keep her smile white, she only does the treatment once a month, instead of for 14 days all at once as directed. Her reasoning? Whitening your teeth so much, especially at once, sensitizes your teeth, and who doesn’t want to continue to painlessly eat sweets?

Personally, I use Crest Whitening Strips (There’s a lso a cheaper target brand that’s EXACTLY the same!) every 6months to a year. These a re dissolving in your mouth whitening strips so you can put em on as you’re running out of the house. The only bad thing is that, possibly TMI, but the white strips caused constipation. Also, these prices run from about $20-$40. On top of the occasional whitening strips, I use Sensodyne Whitening toothpaste (only $2!), which doesn’t seem to do much difference.

Crest 3D White Products

Recently, Crest released their 3D White line of products. My friend Rachel tried the mouthwash out and claimed it worked great so I decided to give it a go as well. You use the mouth wash twice a day and it’s actually instantly, visibly whiter. As for long term use, I’m not sure.Also, it is generally advised that you don’t use so many whitening products at once, but I have yet to have a problem.

Now, if you’re looking for something very fast and SUPER effective, most dentists offer bleaching. I recently looked into it. It costs about $600 (co-pay…) and you can only eat white foods for a good week or two after. But hey, if you’ve got the money and really want a permanent fix to colored teeth, go for it.

Another note about keeping white teeth; stay away from heavy dark colored foods. For example, coffee, white wine, and chocolates tend to stain your teeth. On the other side, bananas, pasta, and oatmeal tend to preserve whiteness.


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