Concert Style part Deux

Bamboozle was this past weekend, and the style was insane. Like I predicated, open back and cut up shirts were a month the most popular styles. As I worked the Rainy Day Clothing tent I even cut up some tees for customers! Due to the immense heat, many girls were in swimsuit tops and their bra’s. I myself even wore one the second day. My predictions were right again, though, and somebody untied mine (thankfully I caught it in time and they were nice enough to tie it back up). Denim shorts and other short shorts were there, and strangely I saw some girls in leggings and tights…If you want to go that route, go for it, but I personally would have died from the heat.

Converse’s were by far the number one shoe choice, as well as bare feet from missing or broken sandals.

This is a pretty pointless post, just to say how right I was, but I also wanted to share some pictures, so here you go!

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless

a new friend, melissa espinoza

me with a killer sign I made!

stage during DJ GirlTalk

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