Rock and Republic

Rock and Republic jeans has recently been brought to my attention by a good friend of mine, Michael. I mean, I’m all about punk, rock, and fashion, and with “rock” in the name I had to check them out. I’d heard the name before but never really paid much attention; that is, until now.

R&R ads, screenprinted from

First off, upon logging onto their website, , I notice their ads…Tattooed girls on Tattooed guys, all in black; HOT. I was into it…and even more so when I read more about the company.

So, what Rock and Republic is, is luxury denim and jeans. The owners, Michael Ball and Andrea Bernholtz pull inspiration from their SoCal homes, rock lifestyle, and music. The line started in the early 2000’s as a woman’s line, but has rapidly expanded to now incorporate men’s wear and luxury denim as well as children’s wear,  shoes for both genders, accessories, eye wear, pet wear, and even cosmetics.

The current Rock and Republic women’s wear line (since most of my readers are female) incorporates distressed denim, functionally cute leggings, sexy yet classy tops, and tons of studs and black. Ah, all my favorite loves on one runway. Here are some screen shots from their website of their latest show: As for their women’s shoes and handbags; nothing goes without straps or chains. Edgy sexy? VERY. You’ve seen Rock and Republic on many stars, from J. Lo to Rihanna. With their “luxury” line and similar prices, you’d think they’re not affordable to all us young and broke folk. But wait, this company gets better. On their website they have a section in the shopping tab labeled “Recession Collection”. In this section you can find these brand name tees for $32 and  luxury jeans for as low as $128 (quite a big deal considering their regularly priced jeans are close to $300).

So, if I’ve convinced you to at least take a peek, go check out, or check them out at your local Neiman Marcus or other high end retailer. This line is one for the closets!


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