The Gray Way

I meant to post this like, 2 weeks ago before my trip to Maryland, but it never posted. Enough pointless chatter; Gray hair has been showing up everywhere from the runway to the middle schools.

images from Backstage at Chanel

First seen on the runway of Chanel as streaks in the model’s hair, there were many differentiating views on the trend. When the following year showed full on gray heads, more people became more accepting and adoring of it. The first “real” person to attempt this trend was 13 year old fashion blogger Tavi. Personally, I don’t like the girl’s sense of fashion due to her love for all things grand-parental, and this hairstyle was no exception.  After Chanel and Tavi, other fashion icons and celebrities tried the style out for themselves; including Kate Moss, Kelly Osborne, and our Queen, Lady Gaga.

(LtoR) Tavi, Kate, Kelly, Lady Gaga

Now, personally, I think the granny trend is silly; We’re all young and should embrace our fine features. What are you’re thoughts though? Feel free to comment and share!

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