Venomous Villains

Disney seems to be doing a lot of high end collaborations lately. First with couture designers like Henry Holland and Cassette Playa, now with MAC cosmetics. Disney and MAC have teamed up to produce ‘Venomous Villains’, a 40 hue line based on four of your favorite Disney bad guys; Cruella De Ville, the Evil Queen, Maleficient, and Dr. Facilier.

According to WWD, Disney gave the MAC genius’ samples of the colors and shades used to create the characters, and the magicians made the magic.Prices will range from $12 to $30, and you’ll be able to find lip gloss, eye shadow, liner, and blush!

But don’t get too excited, this line doesn’t come out until September 2010…all the reason to get excited for back to school season!

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