Material Girls All Over The World

We’ve always looked to Madonna as a fashion icon and, within recent years, we’ve taken note of daughter Lourdes’ innate fashion sense as well. This fall, the mother-daughter duo are releasing their own line, Material Girl, for Macy’s, just in time for back to school.

While the line started as Madonna’s project, Lourdes, also known as Lola, started giving her opinion and designing some of the pieces. The product?  80’s inspired, grunge, and cheap and chic! From what I’ve seen from the drawings and samples it’s going to include leather jackets, studs, floral, tulle, and tons of plaid. It’s a perfectly eclectic mix of punk, grunge, and girly.  They even have a selection of jewelry from winged earrings to layered bracelets and necklaces. There’s a little bit for every style, and all at a stellar price.

I know taking fashion advice from a 13 year old seems regressive, but how can you say no to her? She’s always perfectly styled…

But anyway, back to the topic. August 3rd is the release date and the date you can start letting out your inner material girl at Macy’s!


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