Blue Area Cashmere

I’m a fan of summer; HUGE fan. But I must say I love the warmth of comfy cashmere sweaters in the fall and winter. I’ve been so excited to write this post but have been putting it off due to it being the wrong cur’/rent season, but I honestly don’t care anymore.

Last winter/spring I interned at this great showroom in NoHo, owned by Jenny Chase and Andrew Bernstein. The showroom specialized in women’s contemporary leather, cashmere, and high end apparel. Most of it was not very my style, much too conservative and simple for my liking. That was until we began to carry Blue Area. This culturally inspired sweater and scarf line came from London. The designer is an adorable, petite blonde woman with the cutest accent. And the sweaters? 100% lust worthy featuring screen prints of pop icons, rock icons, politicians, and other interesting people of history. Notice Jackie O, John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles… My all time favorite featured Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

The entire line is either 100% cashmere or cashmere silk, soooo soft and warm, perfect for chilly fall days!

Now, the sad part. While these sweaters and scarves are amazingly gorgeous and make your mouth water for some apple cider, the prices will make you drop dead. They were bought by stores such as Bergdorf’s, Bendel’s, and Saks and will retail for $500-$1200 for the sweaters, and upwards of $250 for the scarves…No, I’m not missing any periods in there. But hey, for these stunning, warm, and totally unique sweaters I say they’re worth the month or so of saving up for them!

That is all, I just wanted to share this gorgeous line. As soon as fall rolls around I’ll have some more cost friendly cashmere and comfyness to share with you!

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