Camera Purgings

It’s been a tough week. For one, I left my camera in a friends car for a few good days; a few good cute days!

and then I found out my grandmother died so I haven’t done much of anything. But here’s a few images that were on the camera. I leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow and will be gone until Thursday night…we’ll see if I’m too preoccupied or if I can manage a few updates in there.

H&M Skirt

Forever 21 loose tank

Aldo boots

and a few days later I wore almost the same outfit…

Forever 21 skirt

same Aldo boots

Wet Seal double layer tank

Peter Grimm hat

and here’s a few random shots from the beach and six flags, just figured I’d share <3

And hey, isn’t he adorable? and ooh. This reminds me that I need to work on those than lines.

Anyway, enjoy! Maybe I’ll have something fiercely fashionable from the funeral.

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