Fashion Turbans: Yay or Nay?

Turbans are no longer just for middle eastern men! I’ve been seeing fashion turbans around the fashion blog circuit, as well as on the edgy fashioned celebrities,  though I haven’t really considered the trend myself. My personal opinion was that it’s not sexy…I doubt men would find it attractive, but it’s a great solution to a bad hair

Prada's Spring Turban

day when you’re out with the girls and don’t care to impress any guys.

I figured I’d do some research via the interwebs, as well as gathering some mass opinions via Twitter and Facebook. Through my (not so thorough) searching, it seems Prada is the mastermind behind this 20’s style revival. With the help of vintage finders and emerging designers, as well as fearless fashionistas, this trend is emerging as just that, a trend.

Many of my good friends seem to think they’re hideous and “should be burned”; “Where “God” and “No” meet” . According to a number of my friends and followers, this will be a short lived trend. Only some ladies can pull it off. If you try it and find it doesn’t work for you, it’s not the end of the world.

If, however, you are daring and find this look to work for you, great! Rock the look with confidence and the guys will love your fearless fashion sense. If you have money, you can invest in some pretty swagga-licious fashion turbans. Of course, there’s Prada as well as Christian Dior, and Yigal Azrouel, for all you label junkies. Also, Eva Chen (beauty editor for TeenVogue) suggested Jennifer Behr to me,who designed the cream colored studded turban Rihanna wore this fourth of July weekend. This one goes for about $460. I also found another spiked turban on Etsy shop LivingWithArt for $260.

On a more cost effective and creative stand, you can always use a silk (or fabric) scarf and tie it around your head in a turban-esque fashion. To the left you’ll see my attempt (and my pain in the butt kitten) at the fashion turban. My friend claims I can work it, but I don’t think I’m yet daring enough to try this outside of the safety of my home.

If you’re considering rocking it this way yourself, check out this great tutorial from Fritha Louise of The Fish Tank. She uses different sized scarves and knots to cover all the basics of fashion turban tying. Even if you’re not interested in trying it out, just watch and listen…she has the most adorable voice!


One response to “Fashion Turbans: Yay or Nay?

  1. I dunno, probably would NEVER wear one. But they can look cool for some, like Carrie on SATC

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