Kiss The Concrete

Out in California, people are fearless. They wear what they want, say what they want, do what ever with out a care.
As an independent woman (or man), what better way to show your kick ass personality and awesome independence than by wearing a shirt stating that you “Trust No Dick”?

Kiss the Concrete is “where the music meets the event” with the motto “pound the pavement until your heart stops”. They bridge art, music, and fashion all while promoting independence and creativity. Based out of San Diego and run by kick ass creative femmes it’s the perfect company and brand.

Now where does fashion come into play?
Well, I kept seeing this shirt stating “Trust No Dick” around on a few blogs/sites. I did my research and found it to be by Kiss The Concrete. After contacting the company I found they were planning a store release, which JUST released this weekend. With their distrust provoking shirts for both guys and gals, as well as profane and vulgarity, it’s the perfect style for all the BAMF’s I know you are! Another fantastic thing about the line? Each shirt is only $15 (and $5.60 for shipping)! They’re cheap and bad azz…how could you say no? I know I couldn’t!

I now have the Trust No Dick as well as the Pretty Girls Are Vulgar Too shirts. I’ve worn them already and gotten so many compliments on these rare unique shirts! MY boyfriend, though, doesn’t seem appreciative of the Trust No Dick but eh, I like it!Anyway, go check out the site by clicking here . Check out what they’re all about, especially if you live in California. And if you’re down, pick up some rad shirts!


8 responses to “Kiss The Concrete

  1. hey can you please tell me where you bought the trust do dick shirt? 🙂
    i’ve been looking around all over google to see if any site will sell the shirt
    but no luck! :/

  2. i tried posting an order form on that site
    but it keeps saying illegal characters in post and possible email injection attempt
    did that happen to you?

  3. How can I order a Trust No Dick t-shirt?

  4. Hi, how do i get one of the girl ‘trust no dick’ t-shirts? Thank you.

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