Laid Back Sequins

If you know me then you know I watch a lot of the Disney channel (for “style” purposes). I noticed in the previews for the new show Shake It Up Bella Thorne wearing a black sequined sweatshirt with plain sleeves…I was digging it. Then I saw Hannah Montana wearing the same one but in gray. I fell in love.

(LtoR) J. Crew, Michael Kors, Guess, Vince

Upon doing some research I’ve found a few results. G by Guess has one in Black, as well as purple (and gray, but the gray has their obnoxious logo all over it) for a modest $45. J. Crew has a wonderfully cream colored jearsey sweatshirt in the same style for $168. Vince, however, has a great looking gray fleece one for sale, for a higher price tag of $275, and can only be purchased at Nordstrom stores or online. If you want to go for name brand, I suggest the nearly $400 priced Michael Kors sweatshirt.

After falling in love with sequined sweatshirts I then stumbled upon sequined baseball tees. Nothing says laid back and cool like a baseball tee and with the added sequin pocket  it’s just that more chic. The company with the best? Son Of John. you can easily find these burn out shirts on Ebay for $107-$110

I also think these could be an easy DIY project. Maybe something I can try sometime, or you can try it! IF anyone does, I’d love to see pictures!

Anyway, go out there in a chic sequined sweater and look effortless cool; rock it!

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