Thanksgiving Fashion

Thanksgiving has always been difficult to dress for, at least for me. Some families do casual, some much more formal. Whichever dress code they call for, comfort is of major importance. You want to be family friendly. You will most likely be seeing family you only see every once in awhile and you may be entertaining younger cousins, nieces, and nephews, etc. With the mass amounts of food, a comfortable waistband is also a must. Here’s a look into some modern styles that are perfect for that infamous dinner.

First let’s talk color; warm full hues are perfect for the harvest dinner. Think burnt orange, rustic red, brown, tan, gray, blacks, etc. Nothing overly embellished or bright and nothing too formal and tight fitting. Fun prints are always good, for example indian ornative looking graphic prints.

As for dress styles? I’d say go with an A-line or shift dress, something non-form fitting yet flattering. If you’d like, pair a belt with it that has a few extra holes for when you’re feeling gluttonous. Fur is a great way to add comfort and cool if you’re going out to watch some football or planning to show up somewhere elegant, whether you’re dressed up or dressed down.

If you’re going for a more casual look or don’t feel like wearing a full dress then tunics are a great idea for this holiday.  Paired with leggings (or yoga pants for a more foregiving waistband) gives you a comfortable, flexible yet chic look.

For inpiration? google Gossip Girl’s Thanksgiving looks; they’ve always been masterfully styled and inspirational to me, even Serena’s emerald dress and leopard coat combo.

Accesories are a fun addition to an outfit, but I’m not big on them for this holiday. They get in the way as you’re passing plates and dishes and preparing for what comes next. I say keep it simple; a statement piece if necessary and some neutral bangles (not too many or too big).

What will I be wearing? Well, I will  be in Pennsylvania, where it’s supposed to be a chilling 45 degrees. I’m thinking basic black leggings (bought in a size too big) with my Qi Cashmere sweater and some sort of shirt and scarf combo….you’ll see soon enough ;)

Enjoy your holidays! May you be thankful for what you have and not overly gluttonous! <3

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