Blogger Brunch

A few of the nice ladies I met at IFB and I decided to meet up for brunch this Sunday to go over some very exciting plans for the future of NYC Bloggers! We went to Cafeteria, this amazing delicious eatery on 17th street in Chelsea.

With the lovely Yanil of TheVintageDevil .

Target Tee

Forever 21 Blazer

H&M Jeans

GC Shoes from Barami

Necklace and bracelets from TopShop

Ring from Forever 21

While Munroe of Fashion Steele NY and Yanil drank the classic blackberry lemonade, I added vodka to mine. If you’re into drinking before noon, I suggest it, it’s delicious! Munroe ordered the Macaroni and Cheese Spring rolls, which I was definitely skeptical about but after the first bite….well, the rest is history. If you ever get the chance to go to Caefteria you MUST try them!



4 responses to “Blogger Brunch

  1. Man I want some more lemonade and mac-n-cheese Spring Rolls!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. I ate at Cafeteria while I was there too. I had the mixed mac n cheese platter – so delicious.
    IFB was a sea of people, sorry we didnt get to meet. Hope you had a great time. I loved it.

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