Grease and Metal

It’s kind of a funny story really. Tomeka of FashionSteeleNYC told me last Sunday that her friend needed a model for a fashion show. The next day, designer Avril and I were texting my measurements and planning a fitting. Sadly, I was sick, and almost passed out a few times during my very short Wednesday fitting. I was to wear a long black gown, model the handbag, as well as model a one of a kind headpiece. Thursday, after many doses of DayQuil, was the show. The End.

Not really. ALICAT Avril Lemieux is a handbag designer, and an amazing one at that! With design experience and an ability to make quality leather bags, by hand mind you. She’s a growing, networking, brand with a vapantly rising following and was even named the designer of the day on HandbagDesigner101!

I came straight from school, no make up. After a quick few walk throughs we drank some liquid courage in the form of champagne and had some sandwiches while getting done up with hair and make up. I learned I was the only one wearing a one of a kind head piece by Amirah Creations and would go last, “gliding” the runway slowly. The headpiece was breathtaking, and VERY my style; studded! The designer, Nailah, was also wearing a stunning self-designed and made piece.

(Images by Keena)




The show was appropriately titled Grease and Metal, which it definitely was. Each girl was wearing a one of a kind dress to model the unique handbags with. I wore a black worsted wool gown with ribbon detailing in the back and quite the plunging neckline. The belt along with it was a studded, made piece that I am now a full time wearer of. The handbag I modeled all night was the Print Epaule Bag, available at the ALICAT Avril Lemieux online store. It’s a hand dyed leather, zebra print bag. After using it the whole night I can attest that it is a quality leather good.

My favorite piece of the collection? This mini rubber moto clutch, made by recycled motorcycle intertubes and embellished with spikes, modeled by Stephanie LaCapra.

For more information, be sure to click the links! I’m also proud to say you should be seeing more of Amirah Creations on this blog soon! <3

4 responses to “Grease and Metal

  1. You look gorgeous darlin! Hope all is well – we need to get together soon! xo

  2. Great post darling. You look stunning and I cant wait to see what you do with more of Amirahs work!


  3. Just heard a great story on NPR about Amirah and had to post something fashionable about my Islamasized moment:
    Great post here and gorgeous headpieces.
    You look Blazing Bold Beautiful!

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