Girl Crush: Getteline Rene

This may come off totally creepy…but, in fashion school everyday is like, well, a fashion show. Most girls, sadly, wear Ugg’s, Juicy, and Abercrombie hoodies all the time. Then other girls are just the bare minimism of “trendy”. I like to classify myself with the fearless girls, and those too are the ones I find myself creepily “Stalking” each day in the hallways.

I first noticed Getteline (who, sadly, and again creepily, I don’t know in person) and I both have shaved heads, though I hear hers is a full mohawk. I then found her on FB and proceeded to add her. Yepp. Stage 5 stalker right hurr. She’s stunning, fearless, and the epitome of an “effortless cool” fashionista. I love her kick butt rocker style, with her unique boho edge.

Getteline quotes her style as “if you took an emo hipster, sprinkle some fairy dust, rotoscope her, give her a sick hip hop beat, a turntable, and a bass guitar with a mohawk” which is pretty rad, if I may say so. Sadly, she doesn’t have a blog of her own…or looks posted anywhere online that I’ve found, which is a tragedy. BUT I do happen to know that as a sophomore at LIM College with me she has quite a repertoire including attending and reviewing fashion shows and interning for TeenVogue. Yes, I’m quite jealous.

Now that I’ve shown you all how amazingly fabulous she is, maybe she’ll see this post and start a fashion blog so everyone can appreciate her style. That, or she’ll think I’m a total creep and block me on FaceBook. We shall see, but for now, enjoy her fabulosity.

2 responses to “Girl Crush: Getteline Rene

  1. I DO happen to know Getty IRL (we went to the same high school), and she’s just as amazing in real life. 🙂

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