Top 3 Trends That Need to Go Already

I’m opinionated, VERY. If you happen to know me in real life, then you know this to be oh so true. As always, there are trends and styles that one person isn’t going to like…Unless you’re that “fashionista” who follows Rumi Neely and LookBook like they’re God and the Bible. Here’s a list of my least favorite current trends that I cannot wait to dissapear.

1.¬† Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s:

I don’t know why, but something about the chunky boots just doesn’t jive with me. I’ve always been a fan of JC’s wedges and sandals, but these boots don’t make sense. WHY are girls wearing them? They’re overly chunky in my opinion.

2. Mustache’s:

I first noticed mustache finger tattoos when a friend of mine got one in 2007. Since then, I’ve seen more and more people with them, but now they’ve moved to the major fashion scene. With T-shirts, partes, tea cups, mugs, and even acrylic necklaces.

WHY, people, WHY?!??

3. Animal Tail Clip ons:

At first, I thought this fluffy tail for your bag/belt loop was kinda cool. It was furry and added a touch of bohemian aesthetic to an ensemble. But the more I thought about it, the more hideous it became, and pointless. More recently, I’ve noticed brands like Louis Vuitton and H&M making them more “spring” trendy by painting them neon.

If anyone can remind me of their purpose, then maybe I’ll switch my mind. Unless I’m carrying a tail of sentimental value, I won’t be buying anything dead and furry.


Now, remember, these are solely just my opinions.

3 responses to “Top 3 Trends That Need to Go Already

  1. I didn’t even know those clip-on tail things existed as a trend. I’ve *never* seen anyone wearing one of those or anything similar, outside of Hallowe’en – thank god.

  2. I agree with all of those except for the boots. In my opinion, those are adorable!

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