Spring Wishlist

With a new job and my taxes on their way I’m already planning some new items I need in my closet!

1. Lace dress (asos has one for $35, Am. Apparel one for $54, or I can thrift it)

2. Aldo Shoes

I’ve been wanting these nude pumps for about a year now ($90) and am determined to make them mine. Also, I fell in love with these Julien Louie wedges ($120) at the IFB Blogger Conference. I”m considering colored pumps and wedges as well.

3. Zara Blazers

With the new job I’ve noticed I need more career wear. I have my one nice blazer at present (I used to have a black one but it’s not been fitting right so I’ve retired it). For spring I definitely want some color…I’m thinking Kelly green! and ofcourse, basic black. Both blazers shown are $99.

I also plan to invest in some comfortable and good for other’s Tom’s shoes! I’m deeply considering any glitter one and they go along with the flat espadrille trend and are a perfect addition to a spring or summer ensemble.

Also, this coming warm season means lots of weddings for me! I’m going to one with my BF for his friend, and then I have some friends and family members walking the aisle as well. My plan? Gather up a few comfortable yet cute pastel dresses in purple, green, and teal! I already have some picked out 😀

What are YOU looking forward to wearing this spring?!

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