Girl Crush: Leopard Z.

No, I do not speak or read any form of Chinese or any other Asian Dialect. I do however, have a lust for my newfound style crush, Leopard Z. With her coy and soft features she is stunning. Slap on some leather and studs and I’ve got myself a lady boner. She makes overalls look good, and Ozzy Osborne sunglasses. And, I just needed to share.

Seriously SO in love with her style, and I’m proud to now be following her for updated inspirations. If you like her too, check out her image laden posts on her blog here, and if you know Chinese, give it a read and maybe tell me where she gets her clothes??!

5 responses to “Girl Crush: Leopard Z.

  1. what a beautifull pictures!(L)
    its amazing!
    thanks for the super sweet comment, amazing

    NEW outfit post at;

  2. wow, thanks for sharing. her photos are gorgeous!

  3. love these!
    She’s such a natural model

    x Camilla

  4. another cool blog find!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too xxx

  5. These photos are amazing, good find!
    B x

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