MTV Movie Awards: Heavy Metal

I personally pride myself on not having cable in my apartment. Sadly, last night I was dying not being able to watch the MTV Movie Awards strictly for the style. Thank god for Twitter and Tumblr, though, for keeping me up to date.

One trend I noticed not going away just yet is heavy metals. Contrary to my textiles professor, metalic fashions are as hot as ever and look like they’ll continue to be. Here are some images of my favorite metal adorned looks from the awards show:

Emma Watson in Marchesa

Kristen Stewart in D&G

Lil Mama in Sherri Hill

Leighton Meester in Balmain

Nicki Minaj in an eclectic mix of Tom Tom, Atelier Versace, Pinko, and more

Mila Kunis in Balmain

Oh, how I love Balmain…someday, you guys, someday there will be some serious Balmain in my closet. And I personally love Lil Mama’s look with the black accents and contrasting white hair, despite everyone hating saying she’s just copying Nicki Minaj. Style is style and she’s doing what she can to stay on top of it, in my opinion!

**All images found on Tumblr.

7 responses to “MTV Movie Awards: Heavy Metal

  1. i looove meester’s dress

  2. I’m torn between Emma and Mila – both so so beautiful!
    B x

  3. I LOVE balmain…kristen,leighton and mila kunis is rocking balmian…

    OMG,did lil mama loose some serious pound,last time i rememeber she was lil fatter than this.>>>WOW,she looks amazing…

    Thank you for your comment on my blog…:)

  4. Leighton Meester is definitely my favorite, and I LOVE her hair, too!

  5. adore the balmain skirt! and mila kunis. kristen stewarts dress is balmain too i think! wasnt as impressed with that look though.

  6. I really love Balmain!

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