It’s summer and if you haven’t noticed by now I get bored quite easily with my appearance. In the past two days I’ve made one MAJOR change and a few minute impermanent ones.

First, my hair. Remember last summer’s undercut of my half shaved head? I wanted to go back to that for the nice edge it added to my look and the cool summer breeze. There was a miscommunication with my hairdresser so within second I ended up like this:

After a few tears I rationalized with “it will grow back, just a few weeks and it will be fine”. So we evened it out. And Ya know? It’s even starting to grow on me how short it is.

Bf ❀

I also decided to paint my nails something fun and bold and bright last night. I chose to go with ombre purple to pink…

** Please excuse all the cell phone and webcam shots, you’ll see prettier ones later**

Other changes in the works, besides new collaborations, I may be considering changing my blogging platform. I love the set up of wordpress and the ease of posting, but from a professional and monetary standpoint it’s not functional. If you’re a blogger do you have any other advice? Please let me know.

12 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. How is wordpress not professional? Oh wait I see you’re using yes…I use wordpress but I have my own domain where wp is installed. So I can have ads and do whatever the heck I wanna do. I really like your hair, the cut the color and everything and yes it will grow back and probably quicker than you expect.

  2. you hair is ahhhhmaaazinggggg, seriously:)and so is your nail it.

  3. Love the nails!! And the hair cut is awesome! Reminds me of Cassie, but bolder πŸ™‚

  4. love your zombie nails! πŸ™‚

  5. I love the ombre nails! You pull off the hair very well too!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE you hair. I’ve been kind of obsessing about doing something drastic to my hair (see here: ) but now I feel like I wasn’t being nearly adventurous enough even in my fantasies! I think you’re awesome for doing this. And I love your nails. You gonna show us how to do an ombre mani? I’d love to know. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

    • hm. I think I’ve done a full nail post of like, all the different nails I’ve had, maybe I WILL do a tutorial next time though! I’m pretty messy as far as painting my nails however :/

      and aww you should ! Go be bold!I love Freja’s hairstyle in the link you posted πŸ™‚



  8. This is a beautiful hairstyle and your nails are amazing!

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