Work and Play

Saturday was a day of both work and play. As some of you may know, I’m a coordinator for the New York Fashion Blogger Meet Up Group. The other coordinators and I, as well as top IFB bloggers and other members of our group attended the Blogger Closet Raid held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. I had just spent my Friday shopping, but once I found Nitrolicious, all plans to “not spend” went down the drain. Having and amazing shoe collection, ALL in my size, ranging from Jessica Simpson to Jeffrey Campbells to Louboutin’s it was like her set up was curated specifically for me. Though I wish I could have indulged in the crystal encrusted Louboutin’s and Xanadu fur JC’s, I knew I needed to think realistically…and then I found the Jessica Simpson moto boots. I’ve been scouring the internet and shops for the perfect studded moto boots to add to my collection, and when I stumbled upon these for their low price there was no WAY I could say no. The following few images were taken by Monroe of Fashion Steele NYC.











After the raid-fest and saying hello to good friends, it was time to get down to work. Monroe, Yanil and I decided to dine and chat at the Tribeca Grand’s lounge, which was full of attractive attentive staff and delicious drinks, as well as coffee and food according to my counterparts.

I hope they don’t mind that I made myself at home on their chairs!

Delia’s ribbed tank

Express Shorts

Bracelets from…around

Jessica Simpson moto boots

As you can see I’m completely smitten with my new purchase. I’m also ecstatic that my ombre manicure if still going strong, since nail colors usually don’t last long on me due to chipping and such.

34 responses to “Work and Play

  1. LOOOVE your nails !! you have such an awesome unique style thanks for commenting! PS: I need those boots you’re wearing with the studs 🙂

  2. I LOVE your nail polish!! You have such an awesome personal style. Thanks so much for commenting & PS: I need those studded boots 🙂

  3. You have a unique style, dear ! I love the boots & your tattoos !
    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    My boyfriend has a tattoo studio, that’s why I am hanging there so often ( day by day).
    I love seeing people getting tattoos especially if those tattoos have a special meaning for them.This summer maybe I will try to learn little by little how to tattoo, calligraphy especially, quotes ,and so on.

    Have a beautiful day!

    Patricia from

  4. Can I steal those shoes??? They are


  5. WOW!!! i like tattoo and shoes ! ;)))

  6. Cool boots – that is a nice find. Looks like a fun event!

  7. Hey 😀
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Do you want to follow each other? 😀
    let me know!!

  8. sure 😀

  9. Ohhh man I missed out! That looks like tons of fun, AND tons of awesome shopping! Your nails are gorgeous.

  10. I love the nail colour!!!
    Thank you for the blog comment. So encouraging!

  11. soooo maaaany shooooooes! love those boots and those hot nails! 🙂

  12. Thanks for your comments, and for stopping by my blog X

    Love your style, I love all your stacked up bracelets, and that amazing vest,love the colours and aztecy print/ pattern.
    Cool idea for the nails, looks fab x

    hope you enjoyed my blog,following your blog via bloglovin,for your lovely future posts x

  13. love your nails!!!!
    how you do this?


  14. lovely ! i love your nails and your hair !

  15. I love this! Those photos are great, and your nails are really cool. This is my first time checking out your blog but I will definitely be back!

  16. Hi umm yessss, first off love your nails, your hair, and your style! Second, I feel like I totally saw you guys at the Blogger Raid but I was too hungover to function so it’s all a blur. How lucky are you that you fit the amazingness that was the Nitrolicious shoe collection??? Ok, now I’m super sad that we didn’t get to meet!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • haha well, if you live in the city there’s definitely more chances! have you joined the NY Fashion Bloggers meetup group?!
      and yes, I realized when I got there how lucky I was to have size 6 feet 🙂
      Also, be sure to follow me as I’ll be doing a nail tutorial later this week!!

  17. amazing nails! love the dip dye look!


  18. I’m really grateful I stubled onto this blog! You happen to be so precise!!
    I would like most people may well just think the same as me! Carry on the excellent discussions I will be viewing you now : )

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