Vacation Inspirations

Every year my family takes a 10-14 day vacation to a family owned house on the beach front in Scarborough, Maine. This year, I’ve already started planning (slightly prematurely) what exactly I should be wearing and bringing, besides my usual simple plain tees, shorts, jeans, and hoodies for over my swimwear. I’d like to share with you my mid-summer vacation fashion inspirations.

(please note none of these images are my own. Almost ALL have been scrounged from Tumblr)























Things I’ll be sure to bring:

White denim

tribal top/s

caged wedges

long skirt

comfy knit (those Maine summer nights grow oh so cold!)


tee shirts

Fringed tops

a nice dress, or four.


And just to warn you all, this vacation will be July 6-16th, so bear with me if my posting is sparse during those days, I may be too busy enjoying the sunshine and surf! 😀

Oh, and while jello shots are a definite, I think I’ll have to test my culinary skills to make these:

27 responses to “Vacation Inspirations

  1. Nice inspiration post! Very summery 🙂 and white denim is a MUST!

  2. Perfect items to bring for a Maine summer! I live in Maine! Hello from further up the coast! Enjoy your vaca! Love that first demin on demin look.


    • really!? Would you be interested in maybe meeting up sometime!? I love meeting other bloggers from all around 🙂

      • Totally! That would be splendid! I come to NYC a lot actually, a good friend I have lives there. Let’s keep connected, I feel like it could be an awesome meet-up. xx Cheers

  3. Oh my goodness those jello shots look killer!

  4. Thank you! ^_^

  5. Thanks! you have a very unique style that is just so much fun!

  6. Unsurprisingly, this post makes me desperately want to go to the beach now! arghhh! I’m so jealous of you. I’m sure you’ll have a blast… in style, of course! 😉 Wink winkkkk.

  7. amazing inspirational photos !!!

  8. Any vacation I go on I plan way a head. I remember when I was getting ready to go to Miami I was buying things 2 months in advance. Nothing wrong with pre-packing lol. Love the photos, very inspiring esp. the light blue maxi dress.

  9. great looks !
    i love deni’s take on Prada !

  10. We love your blog.
    Pics are amazing!!!!

    XOXO K&M
    follow us

  11. I see someone I know! Amanda here in Miami. 🙂

  12. Astounding article bro. This kind of is just a exceedingly nicely structured posting, just the tips I was hunting for. Thanks

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