Girl Crush: Billy Tilly

Billy Tilly, oh Billy. This girl is like my uber punk twin from across the globe. Punk hair, awesome attitude, piercings, and above all; STYLE. I love her mix of old school punk with newer grunge, as well as her seemingly themed “nicer” ensembles. She’s versatile and kick a$$ and I’m totally style crushing on this one. I can guarantee her looks will be the inspiration for some future posts!





























Mmmmmm You know me! Give me some leopard and leather and I’m all set!

Anyway, be sure to check out Billy Tilly’s blog here, it’s amazing and if you like punk rock and leather you’ll definitely end up as smitten as I am!


18 responses to “Girl Crush: Billy Tilly

  1. now there’s an individual with a unique sense of style and comfortable in their own skin.

  2. you two could be kin lol

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. omg amazing. she makes me wanna shave my head wow she is beautiful

  4. LOVE THIS POST. Shit, she’s gorgeous and a girl after my own heart, leather and leopard!

  5. wow she is gorgeous and has amazing style! xx

  6. I totally get it! She is amazing!!!
    Gonna check her blog too!

  7. answer: oooooooooooh my, i just got so chocked. How sweet are you, thank you a lot. Im so happy to see this post. Haha. I have to save this text about me, wuuu.
    Keep in touch girl, youre cool. Xx

  8. Yes, she is really beautiful 🙂

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