I’ve always been a go-getter for knowledge when it comes to being inspired by great things. When Lady GaGa’s pokerface video came out I immediately learned the (surprisingly easy) steps to creating the Hair Bow. I’ve worn my hair like this a few times, and have done it to many of my friends’ hair for nights out.

This night I wore it to the Bob Mackie Famed Art Collection Blogger get together. For those of you who don’t know, Bob Mackie is up there with Karl Lagerfeld as a TRUE fashion illustrator. Currently being released are his prints of vegas showgirls, weird clowns, colorful kittens, and ofcourse, plenty of fashion. The event was great, and I’ve always been a fan of Bob Mackie so it was exciting to pick out a piece to have shipped to my home! I chose the below piece in the blue shade but also seriously debated the cats. My kitten is staying with my parents for a month, and I miss him terribly. I am quite happy with my choice though!

The event had bowls of candy, Izze sodas and Perrier, and pop chips. Sadly, due to the weather and such I’ve been rather under the weather all week and barely enjoyed some water, but that didn’t take away from how great a time it was hanging out with other bloggers and meeting great new people!

Now, What I Wore:

This top is actually a dress, from the little girls’ store Limited Too from when I worked there for almost two years. The jeans, well. These jeans are by Vigoss….from well. Let’s not put a date on it, but I’ve had them since I was in 7th grade. So happy to still fit them, and so great that I kept them, what with the wide leg coming back in style!

And ofcourse, my favoured Aldo wedges and vintage bag.

Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to follow me on BlogLovin or leave a note with a comment ❀

35 responses to “Bows!

  1. What!? LOVE the hair bow!!! Also who can’t resist flare jeans! Shit 7th grade! I wish I could still squeeze my big but into clothes that I had way back when. I was sad the day I grew out of my favorite pair of jeans.

  2. loving this look dear!

  3. thrillofthechaise

    Sounds like a very cool event!


  4. Love Love Love your hair doll!*
    Nice blog!*


  5. love the hair like that… effortless, cool, and beautiful


    My Stylish Little Secret

  6. Love those jeans and I totally wanted those Aldo wedges.

  7. Wow! Looks better on you than Lady G i must say


  8. Hey Sahra, thank you for the comment on my post πŸ™‚

    I always wanted to try the Lady Gaga bow! It looks great on you! And I can’t believe that top is a dress. Love the Bob Mackie art! Nice shot of the pictures.

  9. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! πŸ™‚
    Your lady gaga bow looks so cute, too bad my hair’s too short for that. Love how you styled the jeans!

  10. llove love love your flares! thanks also for the comment on my blog.

    why dont you enter my ASOS giveaway on my blog and win some goodies . Its worth a try

  11. thank you very much for your very kind comments are a big kiss from sevilla

  12. The hair bow is adorable. Love the jeans too!

    Carmen Ri.

  13. beautiful pants!!!

  14. Love your hair! so creative! Love those wide leg jeans too, I have a thing for ’em!

    P.S Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Yay lady gaga bow! I successfully did this once!

  16. I like your hairdo! Its so cute πŸ™‚


  17. Love your blog, style, and energy!

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