Hang Ups

I love tattoos, I love the feeling, the smell of a nice tattoo parlour, the smell every time you lather on some A&D ointment. I love the minute, almost comforting pain and the soothing sounds of a tattoo gun.

YES I only got one last month. But I almost got another, which I’m still planning to do. Actually, I mean, if you want to talk reality, I have about 10 ideas and designs for future tattoos. Someday I will probably end up looking like this (hopefully after a career and I’ve settled down in life and can be a bad a$$ grandma):

Now, while tattoos and piercings and punk rock is all a fun aspect of my life it’s not everything. If you haven’t caught on by now, the world of FASHION is kind of my entire life. I dedicate my education, my work, my play, my free time; it’s all involved in the fashion world somehow. After Best of Bklyn‘s recent post about how she came to run a fashion blog it really got me thinking. How did my start coming into this world begin? From as far back as I can remember I’ve always been picky about what I wear. In kindergarten all I wore was oversize sweaters (I was TINY) and stirrup leggings. Yea, that look worked like three years ago too. When I was applying to college for fashion my essays began with this story, and how I could throw a hissy fit if anything didn’t FEEL comfortable or match perfectly. In high school I was runner up for best dressed; I made my own clothes just to have something fun. I’d intertwine my love of pin-up-y looks and juvenile prints, for example into a tight Elmo skirt or the animal print off the shoulder dress I posted the other day.

I’ve NEVER been one to stick to the trends too closely or wear anything specifically to fit in.

Anyway, getting back to the point of this post. Fashion is MY LIFE. Tattoos are used primarily to represent things of importance in one’s life. I’ve always loved the idea of a coat hanger or safety pin tattoo, probably since I was about 13. I almost got them last month on a particularly grueling day. Sadly, the tattoo parlour I went to was all booked up for the day.

But, I feel the need to get these tattoos. I’ve been scouring for inspiration on location, size, shape, etc, and figured I’d share with you my findings (images via Google search and Tumblr).




Now, I want both, I believe. My first thought was on the out side of my calves, one on each leg, like the image to the right. My other thought was the underside of my forearms, similar to the one of the two safety pins above, though they’d have to be pretty subtle.

Thoughts? Do any of my readers have tattoos? If so, I wanna see them!

okay, end

random post having

very little to do with personal style, but everything to do with fashion ❤

24 responses to “Hang Ups

  1. tattoos – i don’t really like them :).
    ps thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  2. oh wow i love the idea of a coat hanger!!

    jewelry giveaway!

  3. I love the idea of having the safety pin tattoo on each arm or calf, I also love that little hanger one on the back of the neck, its so cute

    Rianna xxxxx

  4. Yes that safety pin is so cool i can see that on you

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. pretty cool tattoos, never seen these before so i think they are pretty awesome, wish i could see yours though!


  6. No to safety pin and coat hanger; they don’t compliment your other tattoos. The stars and the flamingo compliment each other. The flamingo represents nature ( very earthy) and the stars represent ambition.

    If you want a lot off tattoos, than think of your body as a canvas and look at the whole picture. You need to have some sort of balance and harmony on your canvas that paints a story that has meaning.

    A safety pin implies that you are weak and fragmented, unable to keep yourself together, an empty coat hanger can mean a fresh start or that you’ve lost everything. The safety pin and coat hanger are man-made objects, not part of nature. I hate to say it, but a bamboo arrow would be better than the safety pin if you are going for the ouch look. An arrow brings you back to nature as Amazon women and compliments the flamingo, but does it provide balance and harmony in the story that you are trying to paint?

    • um, excuse me?
      My tattoos have PERSONAL meaning and it’s rather insulting for someone to assume (a completely incorrect) meaning to them without any consultation.
      NO my flamingo is not “earthy”. IT’s for my father; it has a hula hoop because that’s his “thing” and it has green eyes and a ribbon that says “daddy”. The stars are NOT meant to symbolize ambition; actually quite the opposite meaning when I initially got them.

      To me, These tattoos would represent my love for fashion, apparel, and sewing, etc.
      I mean, no offense to you and sorry if this comes off angry (i mean, I kind of am but then again, that’s a woman PMSing). But seriously, for future reference, people take offense to others trying to TELL them what THEIR tattoos symbolize and mean.

    • and personally, I think I’d like my body to be piece-y like an unfit story board. While I appreciate your opinion, it’s vastly different from my own, and the body in question is well, MY OWN.

  7. J’adore les tatouages! Mon préféré ici c’est la grand-mère, elle est trop funky !
    Bis (:

  8. That first pic is pretty amazing!


  9. I have a forearm tattoo and one on my lower stomach! I got my forearm one at Saved in Williamsburg. Such a cool shop.

  10. Thanks for your comment and following!!!
    Great blog and great post!!!!


  11. love tats and Im really inspired by the ones you posted. I currently have 3 of them and getting 2 more. I have destiny on my lower back (not in the tramp stamp location lol), I have the pisces and virgo symbol on my left wrist for my sis and I and I have in my grandmothers handwriting something she ends every letter she writes me with (que dieu te protege). I am getting the numbers 12 and 8 12.8 or 12/8 behind my ear bc its meant for my mom and nephew who both have the same bday and it also is for my bf whose initials are the 12th letter of the alphabet and the 8th. My last and final tattoo will be the exact coordinates of the hopsital that I was born in Haiti. It was destroyed in the earthquake and I am placing this on my hip vertically to go with the curve of my hip. Tattoos are personal and anything you choose is for YOU no one needs to understand it 🙂

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