And By The Sea is Where I Thrive

While on vacation in Maine I couldn’t JUST relax the whole time! I did a few photoshoots! Here’s some images from a beach-y shoot with photographer, Kyle Burnell!

Free People ombre fringed dress

Target bikini top

Body Glove bikini bottoms

PS: This is my 200th Blog post!! YAY 😀

PPS: Do you like my new layout and header!? Also, I’ve updated my About Me a bit… be sure to give me some feedback on your thoughts, as it’s greatly appreciated!

23 responses to “And By The Sea is Where I Thrive

  1. Your style is so powering! I love your hair cut, I can never rock that. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see your old header. But I’m really digging the header you have now 🙂

    xo RUBY

  2. thrillofthechaise

    Love the new header and layout! Well done 🙂


  3. LOVE your hair..! Wish I had the balls to go for it

  4. your header is awesome! i love it! great pics!

  5. love the new layout and header! great photos too

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. congrats! and i love the black bottoms1!!!
    you look gorgeous 😀
    check out my blog if you get a chance


    fashion provocateur

  7. i was literally about to say the EXACT same thing another person said above. your hair is ridiculously amazing, and i too, wish that i had the balls to do it. killer photography, and im loving the super fringed top! =)

    btw, thanks for stopping by and leaving you kind comment! =)

  8. gorgeous pictures! i love your hair!

  9. “Effortless cool” indeed! Thanks for visiting my blog! digging your hair style! 🙂

  10. You are absolutely beautiful! I am crazy in love with your hair, even though I know I could never pull it off! These photos are brilliant 🙂


  11. these incredible beautiful pictures girl!

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