You Know I’m No Good

Old News: Amy Winehouse is dead.

Honestly, can’t say I’m surprised, but that doesn’t make it any less tragic. When her first singles came out I was all over them. I found her so relatable with her alcoholic references, tattoos, and her pin up retro inspired style. Her raspy voice was engaging, reminiscent of something out of her time.

I’ve done a beehive hairdo for myself on many occasions, and with the IFB Project #7 to do a tribute post I thought what a great way to honor someone whose style I’ve always loved.
















I for one will be sad to no longer see her effortlessly cool style popping up anymore.

24 responses to “You Know I’m No Good

  1. thrillofthechaise

    She really knew how to do it, didn’t she?


  2. This looks great! The hairs amazo x

  3. Great lil photo shoot! Love the picture of laying with the liqour bottles. Total Amy Winehouse!

  4. Amazing hair! Thanks for stopping by doll. Amy was a real legend…

  5. love this amy winehouse inspired shoottt !

    http://www.glisters and

  6. This is kind of a stunning tribute to her. You really did her justice.


  7. Hi there! Visiting from IFB’s Project #7 🙂

    Love your use or props – your hair and make-up look spot-on! Awesome job on this tribute to a truly amazing lady.


  8. Amazing beehive; I think she would be honored.

    Faerl Marie

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  10. I love, love, love this tribute to her!!!! Her style, as well as talent, was unique and genius. R.I.P. Amy!

    P.S. Love your blog – will follow you from home later (social media gadgets are all blocked from work).

  11. So cool ! Thanks for your comment 😀 ! Kisses from Paris !

  12. such a great homage! you are so great with this hair! ❤ love your blog!

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