Punk Rock Princess

Lat Friday I dragged myself off my couch to go to dinner with a couple blogger friends.I blindly got dressed in a matter of minutes when I realized our reervations were an hour earlier than I originally thought. I think I managed a pretty killer look, don’t you think?

For dinner we went to Cafetasia, this lovely little Thai fusion place right by NYU. Nicole and I opted for frozen daiquiris, hers being pineapple something and mine strawberry banana. Monroe and Nike stayed away from the liquor, but still had delicious drinks(we all shared a bit for tasting purposes). I had a salad, delicious veggie spring rolls cut like sushi, and obviously, rice. I must say, I’m a queen with chopsticks, even when I’m being a goon.

I wore this dress from the 80’s this nice little thrift store around the corner from my apartment. It was only $5! While I feel like I’m going to my 1985 prom, I still love it, especially when I punk it out like I did here with my Jessica Simpson boots,TopShop, Stein and Blye, and Bali bracelets, Peter Grimm hat, and Aldo three finger ring. My bag was also thrifted, from Savers in East Providence, RI. And now, I leave you with a music video.

44 responses to “Punk Rock Princess

  1. Love this look! the boots look awesome with the floral dress!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. You’ve styled this dress so well. I think it’s more interesting than turning it into a complete Barbie look which is really cute but a little overdone. Your friends and you have such similar styles, I love it when that happens.

  3. Great grunge look, actually you look like Kurt Cobain’s daughter!
    I love this post.

  4. Answer: You need to start doing that again ;D

  5. I love the boots and your hair! Thanks for the comment, stop by again! (:

  6. oh my goddd. i fell inlove with your whole outfit!
    i just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my website, it would be nice if you followed me. amazing blog. ❀ .

    http://www.sophisticate-funk.blogspot.com xx

  7. Thanks!!
    Nice blog πŸ™‚

  8. I love this dress especially with boots!!! =)

  9. Sarah loving this whole outfit!! the floral dress and the boots blends in together perfectly!! CHIC!!

  10. The boots & the hat rock this floral little number!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, if you love please follow xoxo

  11. Someone brings me back the 80s… Love the boots with the dress – I wished I still had my red DocMarteens right now..

  12. It looks like you had a great time! I love the floral print dress mixed with the boots! Such a great contrast!!

  13. umm. I definitely need to take posing lessons from you. great pics!

  14. Nice, way to put an amazing look together last minute! πŸ™‚

    ❀ Kelly

  15. Looove that boots!…and the way you paired em with that sweet dress !!
    after reading the post, I NEED a Daiquiri right now ;)))

  16. Cool photos and I really like your style.

  17. Love that you mixed a romantic dress with some fierce booties! You look great! ❀

  18. Your style is amazing! Love it!
    Thanks for your comment!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  19. love your outfit! The dress is great! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  20. I love a cute dress & biker boots combo!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  21. That dress was too cute. very retro

  22. i love this look! you’re making me miss nyc 😦 i need to get back asap!

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