Classy Rock

I bought this coveted dress from Zara for Easter, but have had difficulty trying to make it more my style for day wear. Then, it hit me. Throw on my Forever 21 black and metal zipper belt with some DB sandals, and my favorite bracelet! I wore this to work and I must say, I felt more in love with this dress than I have at all since April!

And that is how I turned a more conventional, classic dress into more of a rocker look!

17 responses to “Classy Rock

  1. nice belt. it made a great add on.

  2. That belt totally transforms the dress, it looks gorgeous!

    Ugggh you’re so lucky you live in NYC!

  3. Gorgeous dress! I’m not a print person, but I’m loving this one! I would wear it with a harness. 🙂

  4. u look totally amazing!! love how u belted that takes it to the whole new level!!

  5. Love this look. You look great Sahra

  6. gorgeous look girl! love the belt:)
    **Check out my Stylish Confessions!**

  7. LOVE the dress babe
    and i love the tattoos!

    New outfit post – We are golden

  8. Great outfit!

    Love the pattern of your dress!

  9. I love that dress, and the belt!

  10. I love you in this dress! The floral is so nice!

    Glad to see you survived Irene too…

    Thrifting Trends/Thrifting Runway/Thrift Fashion

  11. The best louis vuitton ever! The rise is nice, no tummy roll and not way above my navel, either. It is well worth the money!

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