NYFW day 1: Preview

A little preview of day 1 of my NYFW in iPhone pictures:





18 responses to “NYFW day 1: Preview

  1. Hello arm pic. I love it!

  2. I saw those spiked knees this week online, hope that you have an amazing time! xo

  3. oooh the studs look fab! I’m not going to nyfw but i’ll be looking out when I’m by bryant park – might see you! haha

  4. you have great legging !
    where you buy it ?

  5. Thanks for your comment
    Thanks for your comment, why not follow if you like my blog? Yours is great!

    X Zoe X

  6. Looks like fun Sahra! Have a blast 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog x

    Vanja Stace

  7. absolutely love the pants you studded.. they are pretty awesome
    thanks for the advice on the fashion colleges, im actually looking at LIM now as well.
    pretty cool blog!


  8. i love, love, love how you styled your hair, in those classic hollywood curls. so beautiful. looks like you are having a great time already!

    thank you so much for visiting suits and skirts, your comment was so sweet! i’ve had a rough few days on an intense business trip, and you made me smile!


  9. It was a huge pleasure meeting you also! You are def effortlessly cool!!! Txs for making my IFBcon video what it was with your coolness.

  10. I have to say that I love the tattoo on the side of your finger!

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