Stevie Boi Shades

Ever since I went to my first Stevie Boi show last September (See pictures/coverage here), I fell in love. though it was slightly awkward being the only white person, this September was slightly different. It seems Stevie Boi Shades has sky rocketed to fame and creative utopia. The scene was set with paparazzi, a DJ, and an electric violinist, which was a talented surprise. My friend Candy and I, both having shaved heads, notice that we are in fact in a scalp laden community of heaven among the other guests, also all with eclectic fashion tastes similar to our own.

Gorgeous shoes by Ashley Hart

American Apparel Dress

Free People hoodie

Wild Pair pumps

DIY clutch (tutorial here!)

The show was jam packed, with celebrities, guests, friends, press, etc. I managed to snag a seat front row with my friends, Candy and Ashley and snapped photos of my favorite looks. In true Stevie Boi fashion there was plenty of spikes, studs, and glitter, with scantilly clad models and tee shirts featuring celebrities he’s designed stunner shades for.

The designer himself wore an ornate cross-shaped, hair covered, head piece as he gave interviews describing his collection, called “Coexist”. He was inspired by his youthful travels all over the world to different cultures and lives.

9 responses to “Stevie Boi Shades

  1. thrillofthechaise

    Totally loving the sparkly shoes!


  2. You look gorgeous..!!
    All them shoes are incredible.. drooooool…

  3. bahah those pistol-shades are bomb.

    your outfit is awesome! all those shoes are stellar, too!

  4. OMG I didnt see those purple multicolored shoes!! Those are soooooo hot!

  5. YEZZZZ I WAS THERE …. i love sbshades im about to buy two more pairs from
    dope site!

  6. love your outfit!
    Im jalous about your party! ^^

  7. love this post so much… party party party roooockkk’s ^^ the shoes r awesome ❤

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