Winter-y White

Listen up ladies and gentleman; White is no longer JUST for between Memorial Day and Labor Day! It’s been making a wintery comeback, but this year I think it’s in full force! So, on this coldest day of our fall thus far, I broke out my Bullhead white denim and rocked them!

Bullhead white jeans from PacSun

Sequined sweater from Ann Taylor Loft (borrowed from Eliza)

Bamboo scarf from Nordstrom

Jessica Simpson boots

H&M Jacket

Givenchy #23 “Fantasy Pink” lipstick

Now, I know NYC doesn’t have any snow YET, but be prepared, it’s said to be coming TOMORROW (Saturday the 29th). Sadly for me, I’m leaving for Providence, Rhode Island tonight, to where they already have snow and are expecting not just fllurries, but FIVE INCHES tomorrow. Pray for me, thy followers. I’m packing my Ugg’s and dirty laundry, but this will give me a chance to play around in my less-worn clothes in my closet up north. And to go shopping, so prepare for a haul.

Enjoy the flurries!

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38 responses to “Winter-y White

  1. Love the white jeans…and the sequin top is adorable

  2. Loving this outfit! Its so cool 😀
    I wish I wasnt scared of wearing white…

  3. Love your sequin top. That so cool!

  4. that’s beautiful.

  5. Someone once told me that women wearing white shows they are confident – and that’s alluring! I agree – with the confidence to wear white what could go wrong!?!

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  6. love these white skinnies! wish we had snow here 😦 but sadly we don’d in texas. i did live in new york!! miss it so much
    love kat

  7. Your sequin top is fabulous and the jacket is lovely..
    Perfect outfit dear! 🙂

    .Le Reveur.

  8. This outfit is great! Love the top!

  9. I like that you pulled out the white denim it brightens up the bitter mood that winters here. This snow is so out of left field! Good luck in R.I


    Fashion Nostalgia

  10. Hi, really nice blog! 🙂 you’re so stylish!
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  11. Oh God I also heard there are snow in the USA! Strange that we don’t have any yet in Canada because it’s super cold here.

    I love your outfit I can’t choose which item I prefer. Maybe the boots -Jessica Simpson always makes hot shoes-. Have a “snowless” nice day!

  12. Fantastic outfit and sweet photos honey!


  13. You’ve definitely got snow now! Hehe I’ve been wearing white too but I also live in Florida so I suppose it doesn’t really matter when it’s 80 degrees outside.

  14. Great outfit, i love the silver shirt!

  15. thank you for your comment and hope you’re braving this unusual winter storm x

  16. PacSun has white skinnies? I must get to the mall!

  17. Gorgeous outfit, I love that you’re brave enough to wear white jeans, I’m far too clumsy to even try but these look incredible on you
    Have fun playing in the snow!

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