Dia De Los Muertos

Halloween is probably obviously my favorite time of year, and the past few years it’s gone hand in hand with the Dia De Los Muertoes, the Mexican holiday of the Day of The Dead.

While last Halloween I was a sugar skull for the actual Halloween and costume parties, this year, I did a sugar skull photo shoot early on in October and was fairly “normal” for Halloween festivities, until the actual Day of the Dead.

Make up and Behind the scenes photos by Margot Ruth

Photos by F-1 Photo

So on November 2nd a local bar, Union Pool, was having a little Dia De Los Muertos party and costume contest. I’d left my tu-tu at my mom’s, so I went in just face paint (and my Misfits tee and studded knee jeans and combat boots). I also did Cody’s make up again, so fun!

How was everyone’s Hallo-Weekend? Did YOU do anything fun for the Dia De Los Muertos?

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15 responses to “Dia De Los Muertos

  1. such cool make up! did you do all that yourself? If so i give you mad props!

  2. Great make up! I did something like that aswell..
    I’m so obsessed with those spikey jeans!

  3. You looked great!Love the dress!

  4. Love the makeup. That dress is amazing!

  5. Wow there is some really cool stuff here

  6. Hahaha yes! Love the makeup.. Dia De Los Muertos is always nice.. I love that people get creative now and incorporated with fashion..

    Cheers! ~Angel

  7. wow! you did a good job on the makeup and fit.

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