sorry for the lack of outfit posts; my sartorial wheels have been slowing the longer I go “funemployed” from the fashion world. I am TRYING to keep things up though. Not having a reliable photographer is a hinderance as well. Meh.

Anyway, I figured I’d show you my closet at present, and compile a photographic list of closet inspirations. Every person I meet I tell them I want to live in a two bedroom or more home in the future so I can have a bedroom and a closet. The perfect life. Obviously, being broke and working my way to the top I can’t quite afford the extra room right now so my closet and dresser’s currently take up a fair 50% or so of my bedroom. Not fair for the male I share with (notice his two shelves in the closet and four hanging shirts). I try to keep it organized by color as best I can, though you can’t tell with all the prints. I also have two dressers, full of tees, tanks, jeans, and other non-skirt bottoms (AN ENTIRE drawer of socks and tights/leggings). Like anyone with a love of fashion, my closet is not truly contained to solely “my closet”.

Now, for the inspirations. I LOVE the Ikea Expedit series; it’s clean lines and bulky height. The cubes are just a perfect size and shape for heels and stockpiling bags, as so many bloggers obviously agree. I also dream of having my closet be an office; one room to contain all of my clothes, accessories, sewing machine, and inspiration boards and magazines. A comfy chair, maybe a couch or chaise lounge. All of the following closets (click-through links to the source) are what I aspire my closet to be… ESPECIALLY DulceCandy‘s!

Who has YOUR favorite closet? How do you keep yours organized?

12 responses to “Closet.

  1. All these closets make me wanna cry.. I want them all!
    They also make me feel ashamed of the mess of mine 🙂

  2. The first and second closets are our favorite!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. these are so awesome! i’m jealous


  4. i wish that i hat a closet like this !!!


  5. um, drooling! i could live in every one.



  6. tinyoldbeautifulcloset

    Dulce Candy’s closet is a dream we all dream! :))

  7. I’m also a big fan of closet pictures! I don’t know why. Maybe because they make me dream of a clean closet ha ha! Seriously, my closet is a total mess though I try to organize it by colors or “categories” (blazer/dress/shirt/etc) but I always end up mixing everything together and it becomes a total mess. I also dream of a walk-in closet! Oh gooood!

  8. Whoever has the most beautiful shoes is my favorite!! Haha. WANT!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. I so wish I had one of those closets!!

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