Day Job: GaGa’s Workshop

And the worst blogger award goes to… Sahra of EffortllessCool!

But really guys, I’m sorry. Between the bullshit that is my life, my full time seasonal gig, and preparing to move, and not having anyone to help me take photos, I’ve been totally slacking on blogging. Sorry guys!

I’ve been working SO much, almost 40 hours a week in retail, sticking to the wardrobe requirements daily.
I’ve been trying on some of the products and playing around with make up too! And taking pictures, so here are some iPhone photos for your enjoyment!


DIY jeans, Givenchy “fantasy pink” lipstick with Llamasqua red
Noritaka Tatehana shoes (above)
Erickson Beamon Necklace(below)




And, on one lovely Saturday at work, I was asked to meet with Francisco Nars, of Nars make up, to do some signings for customers. My friend and co worker Michelle and I couldn’t resist a photo op with Francisco and Simon Doonan.


Now the shop/boutique itself is truly magnificent, though I can’t go into detail so you’ll have to come in and see for yourself!

3 responses to “Day Job: GaGa’s Workshop

  1. Those shoes are nuts! Retail is nuts during this season good luck!

    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Love the nail color and don’t worry we get it, it’s the holiday and end of year wrap up time so everyone is in the go position.

  3. Oh my goodness all those heavy metal accoutrements are amazing! I love the studded jeans — you should patent that idea before Steve Madden or F21 stumble across your blog and bite off your style! 😉 I’m sure the outfit got the Gaga seal of approval. Lastly, I love Nars and Mr. Doonan — what a fun perk of the job!

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