Bedroom Inspirations

I’m moving you guys!!

I found my perfect room in a lovely apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn with three other girls who all LOVE fashion! My room is HUGE! and the apartment is so nice and renovated.

While moving can be stressful (this is my 10th apartment in 4.5 years), moving also means fun new things…like painting over the existing scary, dark purple walls with something much more vibrant and “me”! I’ve compiled a visual list of inspirations here for you all to see!

I love Tiffany Blue and all forms of teal, so I’m thinking that’s a must have color in my room. But I also love light to medium gray for walls; simple, not overly bright or in your face, and easy for transitioning when I choose to go with a different color scheme for decorating!













thoughts and ideas? πŸ™‚

14 responses to “Bedroom Inspirations

  1. Tiffany blue will look gorgeous..! It will really have the place bright πŸ™‚
    Good luck with the move!
    Lucy x

  2. Great inspiration!Love these pics!

  3. it must be so exciting getting together all your new room decor! you should do a post once its finished!

  4. And I thought I was bad with 5 apts in 3 years! I feel like it’s almost necessary in NY. Good luck w/ decorating!

  5. 10 apartments?! omg you must be a pro at moving!! love the inspiration — that blue is such a calming color and so homey! good luck on your new place xo

  6. Love the combination of pink and black!

  7. Do one accent wall in the Tiffany blue and the rest in the light gray ! Then you can use both plus another contrasting color for decorating !

  8. Do an accent wall in the tiffany blue and the rest in the soft gray. then you can decorate with those colors and another contrasting color like purples ? maybe even orange or red ?

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