2012 Resolutions and Goals

I used to be the girl who was like “get in shape” “Lose 5 lbs” “eat less junk/drink more tea” but this year…I’m quite content with life. I’m content with my body, most days, and I know it’d be terrible if I tried to lose weight. I drink at least 1-2 cups of tea a day and only drink soda when it’s mixed with liquor. This year’s list of resolutions and goals was tougher than ever,  but here it is:

1. Make a good, honest living to pay my bills and debts

2. Make a new meal once a week, in order to keep at it with my Recipe Monday’s

3. Hang out with influential people.

I feel this may need some explaining. I tend to date people who aren’t as driven as I am. Sometimes my friends I choose to hang out with aren’t as driven…or they are, but not in the best ways. My goal is to hang out with people who can increase positivity, drive, and success from me without trying to pull me down whether it be intentional or not.

4. Stay strong in ignoring said bad influences.

5.  Leave the country.

I’ve had my passport since November 2009 (wow) and it has still yet to be stamped. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. Ideally; Mexico. more ideally; Cancun, September-October to swim with whale sharks. Or, you know, Paris or London…

6. buy a nice camera.

7.  Treat myself to one article of nice clothing or shoes a month.

I’ve bought myself things SO rarely this year; any “haul’s”on here have been my mother’s purchasing.  Also, with my new home’s rent being 1/2 the price of my old one, this is feasible.

8. Be featured in a magazine.

This may seem somewhat reaching, but my friends are doing it, it’s time I put in the time and dedication to get myself out there!

9. Be more dedicated to hosting and coordinating the NYC Fashion Blogger’s Meet Up Group. (I’ve been slacking, I know)

10. Do more photo shoots! Been slacking on those as well!

11.  Do the 30 Day Blogger Challenge.

This Challenge has been sitting in my “drafts” folder on my blog dashboard for quite some time. When my life quiets down, maybe for February, I’ll be doing this challenge; I’d also love it if some of you joined! It seems like it’d be a great chance to pick up those winter-y blues and do something new!

I may add more as time goes on, but here it is for now! What are your goals and resolutions?

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2 responses to “2012 Resolutions and Goals

  1. thrillofthechaise

    Good goals 🙂 See you Friday!



  2. nice list, good luck with your resolutions 😉 i think you’re absolutely right about #3 – positivity attracts positivity! have a brilliant year ahead!

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