Recipe Monday: Sweet and Salty Brussel Sprouts

Mmm Brussel Sprouts. With almonds and brown sugar? Swoon. My dad made these over our Christmas holiday and I fell in love, and this was my first time trying to them on my own!

Ingredients you will need:

Brussel sprouts

Brown sugar

Sliced Almonds

Butter or margarine


Begin by putting the almonds on a baking sheet with a small layer of brown sugar, then put in the oven at 350 degrees until brown. While they roast, boil your brussel sprouts.

Once the almonds are roasted, take them out and once the brussel sprouts are boiled and soft, strain them. Put both into the same pan, adding butter and more brown sugar to taste. Serve and enjoy!

mmmm mmmm DELECTABLE.

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One response to “Recipe Monday: Sweet and Salty Brussel Sprouts

  1. Hey Effortlesscool,
    On a similar note,, OK I had to share this recipe! Its Healthy AND everyone will love it AND it goes great with almost everything -Sweet Potato Fries!

    Ingredients for for Sweet Potato Fries
    1 Sweet potato per person
    non stick cooking spray
    Salt and pepper or seasoned salt or cinnamon (it depends on the flavor you like best).

    Preheat the oven to 425F

    1. Wash sweet potatoes.

    2. Peel Sweet Potato (this works better if you steam them for 4 minutes first but its not necessary).

    3. Slice lengthwise into � inch strips

    4. Place strips single layer on 18 x 26 x 1� baking tray that has been lightly sprayed

    6. Spray the tops of the sweet potato fries with butter lightly

    7. Sprinkle the seasoning (cinnamon,salt and pepper, or seasoned salt) over tops of the sweet potato fries

    8. Bake the sweet potato fries in 425�F oven for approximately 20 minutes

    9. remove from oven and serve!

    My favorite is the seasoned salt but I did have them with cinnamon one time and they were really good!

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