Suburban Living

You must know by now that I’ve taken an impromptu trip to my parents’ home in South Eastern Massachusetts by now. I’m living it up subruban style in tee shirts and flats, and even…SNEAKERS.

Yea, you’ve never seen me wear sneakers because I don’t even KEEP most of my sneakers in NYC, they stay in my shared closet with my brother in the safety of this abode. Also, standing out with my “mermaid” purple and bright red hair.

I’ve been relishing in driving my mom’s Chevy Cobalt everywhere, and having drive thru Taco Bell and Target a quick 3 minute drive away.

Jellyfish tee from the Mystic Aquarium

Delia’s flannel

H&M jacket

Levi’s Jeans

R&Em bag (gifted)

MIA Boots

Oh, suburban living, how I (sometimes) miss you.

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3 responses to “Suburban Living

  1. Effortlessly rock cool at its best!


  2. I love suburban living. Most of my friends live in BK or Manhattan but I prefer the quieter life an hour “upstate,” where we have nature, good malls, reasonable food prices and a Target that doesn’t look like a crime scene, haha. Kudos on the outfit — fabulous choice of jacket and boots as always! 🙂

  3. cool look!!! love it!

    xoxo from rome

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