The First Taste of Spring

March 8th and we had our first real taste of spring. With the temperature at 67 degrees I was able to ditch my over-worn denim for a skirt and tank top; finally!

I spent the day enjoying some alone time driving WITHOUT music; I rarely do that and I got so lost in thought I’d even forget that there was no noise, just me and my thoughts !Had a lovely meeting at a tattoo shop, then hung out with a friend, getting drunk of Butterscotch Pinnacle before bars and eventually, into dreamland and sleep.

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13 responses to “The First Taste of Spring

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment doll!*
    Nice blog!*


  2. You look great!I love your hair!

  3. I like how your hair goes from badass to bombshell so effortlessly it makes me so jealous!


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