A Lesson in Pastels


1    [pa-stel; especially Brit. pas-tl]

noun 1. a color having a soft, subdued shade

IFB Project #37 is all about spring and pastels. I’m lucky I just bought that perfect lilac jacket yesterday! Also, going through the entries on the main page, I realize not everyone understands pastel. I mean, not every fashion blogger went to school for fashion like I did, but I still feel it important to understand your passions. So this post, an outfit post, will also include a little information about pastels, and a glimpse into those pastel pieces of my wardrobe.

A pastel, as noted above, is a soft subdued shade. A lighter hue of a COLOR. This includes lilacs, soft pinks, baby blues, mints, white, et cetera. Which are all COLORS mixed mostly of white, if we’re talking about acrylic paints. This does not include bright pinks or neutral hues of basic colors.


Bullhead jeans from PacSun

WetSeal tank

Thrifted heels and jacket

DIY top

Justice skirt

Dior “Waterlily” (Giveaway HERE!)

Esse “She’s Picture Perfect”

NOT Pastels:

Delia’s tank

skirt from PacSun

Thrifted jacket

Converse sneakers

I hope this has cleared up any confusion in the blogosphere. Back to pastels, stay tuned for a post of my inspirations for my trip to Costa Rica next week; plenty of pastels will be packed!

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23 responses to “A Lesson in Pastels

  1. Love it! And the undercut ROCKS! I’m glad you like mine. I love them with long hair — like yours — but I’ve had short hair for years and can’t stand the idea of growing it out. I feel like a sheepdog every time I try ><

    Also, thanks for the lesson in pastels. I honestly own almost nothing that fits that description! Maybe the top that I posted about in my response to the challenge… But then again… I don't know. I love my punchy, saturated pieces too much!

  2. Totally loving the lilac blazer and the nail paints!! You look so beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. Beautiful looks. It’s unbelievable that I have not jumped into the pastel trend yet. I have too soon.

  4. Thanks for your comment! I love your pastel looks!



  5. Love the jacket! 🙂

    I’m certainly excited about all the pastels that are coming on the market now. I’m hoping to add some yellows and pinks to my wardrobe, but after seeing your jacket I definitely want a nice lilac item too!

  6. Thank you for visiting! Great blog, I loooove that green Dior polish and pastels in general!
    xo K

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  8. Pastels are some of my favourites this season! You look great and I love the pastel jacket very much! xo 🙂

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