We Are Machines; Obsolete, Alone

Welcome, to the second look from my photoshoot marathon with Darkside Images. Enjoy this post of dreary weather while I’m in Costa Rica (it’s beautiful so far).

I put together this look and went to a southern Massachusetts location I’d been pondering since my parent’s first moved to the town. Even though I had to jump over broken holes and be careful not to fall in my heels and wreck my gown, I think it was well worth the risk for these images.

BCBG gown

Leopard thrifted top

Brooks Brother’s bowtie

Aldo wedges

Also, it began to rain as we shot this…Oh the things I do for a good picture!

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10 responses to “We Are Machines; Obsolete, Alone

  1. These photos are beautiful. And I love the location and your gown. Love everything about this.

  2. Beatiful! I love everything about these photos. Simply amazing.

  3. love your gown. it’s very chic how you layered it with leopard shirt with the bow. very edge.
    Great blog. would be wonderful to follow each other and get INSPIRED~~


  4. great shots! love the first outfit and the scenery!

    check out my blog, I’m having a Chanel giveaway!



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